Hurricane Storm Shutters Your First Line of Defense

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Security Enhanced Hurricane Shutter Protection!

One of the advantages of Hurricane Storm Shutters is that not only is the Home Locked Down, but the appearance of the Home is protected as well with your Hurricane Shutters Activated. Our Remote Controlled Hurricane Shutters “OPEN and CLOSE” with a Click of a Button for you!

After a Hurricane Storm Shutters are a deterrent against Home Burglary. Many people evacuate before a Hurricane hits land where they live. Some do not. Some remain. It has from history been a individuals right to judge what they should do. Evacuate there Home or Remain.

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In the event you Evacuate or Remain, having Hurricane Storm Shutters can seal your Home as a Fortress detouring any Home Invader from breaking in. It is easier to break into a home that is not protected by Hurricane Storm Shutters than one that is. This is wisdom, not designed to scare you.

Hurricane Storm Shutters Your First Line of Defense!

Of all of the Natural Disasters in Florida, Hurricanes are the most devastating in all regards. Locking down your Home with Hurricane Storm Shutters should you be trapped in a Hurricane may save your life! This is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

The Staff and Families of the WinDoorStore survived Hurricane Andrew. As human beings we can not stress enough the horrific experience Hurricane Andrew brought upon South Florida. Hurricane Shutters provide far more then just protecting the Windows of your Home. Shutters can save lives!

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Changes in air pressure inside your Home Create Extremely Hazardous Conditions. Hurricane Shutters, combined with Hurricane Windows are a TWO FOLD level of protection you must have, always in Florida. Hurricane Storm Shutters are your Home or Business first and best line of defense!

Hurricane Shutters Beautifully Enhance Your Homes Appearance!

There are many types of Hurricane Shutters the WinDoorStore Installs “Custom Designed” specifically for you! From Beautiful Patio Hurricane Storm Shutter Enclosures to Basic Lock Down Window Protection. The designsbyskb provides the Most Amazing Storm Shutter Protection for you!

One of our Clients was so Amazed by our Remote Activated Hurricane Shutter System that when our Clients Neighbor was using there Automatic Garage Door. Our Client walked out side and simply said… look at this. Our Client pushed a Button and all of our Clients Storm Shutters Locked Down.

Our Client then smiled at there Neighbor, pushed the Button again and all of our Clients Hurricane Storm Shutters Rolled up Automatically. From what we understand this went on for many weeks! Our Client doesn’t like there Neighbor from what we understand? Call today! Everyone is glad they did!

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