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Add Vintage Charm To Your Interiors with these Crystal Door Knobs

The history of these beautiful artifacts can be traced back to the early 1800s. However the Crystal Door Knobs‘ popularity dates back to the World War I. During the war, there was a shortage of metals like iron, brass, bronze etc. since these were required in large amounts for fighter planes and ammunition. So there was not much available for the hardware products and hence an alternative was opted for which wasglass and crystals. Soon there were huge productions of  door knobs of machine cut; cut crystal and molded glass suit various house decors.

The knobs at that time usually featured 6 to 8 facets . Since they were transparent, the various molded designs on their bases were elegantly visible, making them look more like art pieces than just normal doorknobs. The style and design were of a wide range. There werecolored knobs in various shapes like globes, stars, crystal balls etc. in various beautiful colors. This style continued to flourish in the 40s and 50s but by the end of 50s taste in hardware had shifted to cleaner metal lines; however these beautiful glass crystal door knobs never lost their charm!

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Tips to Remember When Buying Crystal Door Knobs

The crystal door knobs are easy to find but it is important to find the right one with the perfect fit and style to complement the indoors of your house:

  • If you are seeking to replace a single knob from a set then it will prove more convenient if you take along the one to be replaced to the knob store since there are numbers of knob designs available. Also take the spindle along with you to check that whether the knob that you are buying will fit it or not.
  • If you are buying pairs then buy them only after measuring thedoor thickness to make sure that they give a snug fit. Also check that the pair does not miss their spindles and setscrews.

Price Range of the Beautiful Door Knobs

The original vintage crystal door knobs would be rare to find and would cost you a fortune as they are any collector’s dream find. However there are many modern  reproductions that can help you create a similar charm at a much lesser cost.The prices of these artifacts vary depending upon the color, condition, style and rarity of the knob.

The most common 12 sided ones range between $30 and $50 whereas the 6 or 8 sided ones cost somewhere between $60 and $100 a pair. Finer cut crystals can cost as high as $500. The most expensive ones mostly include the Vaseline, cobalt and red doorknobs. Normal hardware stores may offer cheap reproduction glass knobs for as as little as $10 a pair but the right glass door knobs will have a watery look and will refract light at various angles.

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13 Photos of the Crystal Door Knobs

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