Doors in the interior of a wooden house or how to choose interior wood doors.

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Interior wood doors of solid oak or beech are always appeal to people living in the suburbs. If you have a wooden manor house, you should not choose doors out of plastic, metal or glass. We all want to see our house or apartment as something firm and safe that matches our character and outlook on life.

But miracles do not happen, so you, as a potential buyer of interior wood doors, should be aware that a technologically door of the array is the most complex product, and it cannot be cheap. However, if you are seriously considering purchasing these doors, you have to get familiar with various types of them.

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What is so special about solid wood interior doors?


Solid wood doors are eco-friendly, durable, and can retain heat well. Wooden massive door would be appropriate at the big house, eloquently testifying the status of a respectable owner. The disadvantages of wooden doors include their high cost, heavy weight, the ability to crack at high dry air in the room and that they swell with moisture.

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Interior wood doors with glass and their features.


Glazed door can become a modern and original solution: they visually enlarge the room size, improve its coverage and provide the comfort to your home. Equipping them with pendulum mechanism provides convenience and comfort in opening the valves and the subsequent quiet self-closing. Translucent elements for interior wood doors with glass should be not only beautiful but also durable and safe. Such requirements are met by particularly strong types of glass that is laminated and tempered and the thickness of which can be from 8 to 12 mm. The main advantages of such doors are:


  • They are ecologically friendly.
  • They provide you with high level of comport comfort.
  • Their excellent appearance.
  • Simplicity of design.
  • Variety of configurations.
  • Variety of colors and ways of decorating materials.

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