Frameless sliding shower doors are necessary for the design.

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Today shower is a bit like a spacecraft, in which there are many features and capabilities. It has become much more than a place where you can just take a shower – now it is a place for relaxation. You can take a Turkish bath, enjoy the whirlpool or just sit in the bathroom and listen to music in the soft light of halogen lamps. And types of doors also vary a lot, but only frameless sliding shower doors can create a clean, modern, and attractive look.

What makes frameless sliding shower doors so special?

Thanks to nowadays technology glass cockpit is highly hygienic and only eco-friendly material are used for its construction. If you want to make your bathroom an enjoyable place, then frameless sliding glass shower doors are a great choice, as they are practical and durable. Sliding frameless shower doors give depth, light and a feeling of freedom of space in the bathroom. Frameless sliding tub doors of tempered glass are durable despite external brittleness. Today, they are in great demand as for the villa owners and residents of small apartments. Glass shower doors are extraordinary demanded in sports, medical, hospitality, health centers

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Make our bathroom more spacious with frameless sliding shower doors!

As well as their attractiveness, there is another advantage of these frameless glass showers. You are no longer limited by the choice of a number of standard shower cabins, and you are not tied to a pallet: it is even better to do frameless shower without it (the water goes into the specially designed floor drain sewage). The structure of the shower usually consists of a glass door (swing door or two) and the fixed glass walls. Frameless sliding shower doors are highly functional – made of thick (8-10 mm) tempered glass, which does not scratch, has a very high strength and is safe. Your shower will be the one and only!

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