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The Kitchen cabinet glass doors

The Kitchen cabinet glass doors have the ability to make your kitchen look more elegant, airy and bright. There are many varieties that are available, and if chosen with care, can make the interiors look stunning.

Types of  Glass Door Cabinets

  • Transparent glass: These types of glass doors are most widely available in the market an they fit in the interior décor of your kitchen perfectly. You can use a single pane or employ multiple panes to give your kitchen a classier look. While going for transparent glass doors keep in mind to buy tempered ones in order to guard them against breakage.
  • Frosted glass: frosted glasses add a very unique look to the indoors. They shield the objects in the cabinets effectively and therefore you don’t have to match everything for display; however there will be blur images visible therefore try to not let things pile up in a mess behind these cabinets. Blasted with sand or grit these frosted glasses also come with custom designs which can enhance the appeal of your kitchen.
  • Textured glass: these glass doors have various styles engraved upon them, pebbled, grooved, ribbed, filigree etc. Hence they are not only a visual treat but they also mask the items in the cabinet better than others.
  • Seeded glass: the design of these glasses embossed with pebbles has a  handcrafted wavy texture which gives it an old-fashion appeal.
  • Leaded: these glass doors enable you to add some color to your cabinets. They have a special quality which makes it capable of converting to various forms or directions.

Tips To Make Your Glass Door Cabinets More Attractive

  • You can illuminate the insides of the cabinet and make the display more mesmerizing.
  • You can add color to the backs of cabinets to make them look more spacious and co-ordinate with your décor.
  • Place these cabinets where you have large surfaces, it will lighten up the whole look.

Ways to Clean the Glass Door Cabinets

Cleaning these doors is very simple. You can even make a home-made solution of water and vinegar in a 2:1 ratio and sprinkle with the help of a sprayer then wipe it off with a towel or cloth followed by a dry cloth.

Glass Door Cabinets

Always remove the dust before beginning with the spray. For the wooden portion cleaning them with a simple soap solution and mild cloth will do the work. You should clean as frequently as possible.

5 Photos of the Glass Door Cabinet

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