Glass Door Knobs – As Valuable As diamonds!

Emtek Crystal Astoria Emerald Style Door Knob

In the past spotless, versatile glass door knobs became the benchmark for modern homes. Approximately eighty years later on these kinds of knobs are excavated like diamonds at bargain stores, your local hardware stores and flea markets.

The glass door knobs can be obtained in different colours and even shapes, the variation that exist stems from the goblet and prized ones to transparent, yellowish-brown and the amethyst knobs that adds to any area that it is installed beauty and radiance.

Emtek Crystal Astoria Emerald Style Door Knob

It was not until the end of the World War I that these precious gems achieve fame. Metal was retained for the purpose of building aeroplanes and ammo, with this metal became a scarce commodity, however sufficient sand existed to make glass, hence the genesis of glass door knobs for households.

These knobs could be used inside or outside, irrespective of where they were installed sophistication and splendour was added to the aesthetics of homes and this could not be achieved through door knob parts made from metal.

Glass Door Knobs of the Past

The size of most glass knobs was originally six, eight or twelve facets and they were normally clear in appearance. The faces of these knobs were generally flat and allowed for persons to be able to see the interior of the lock where there were pin-prick designs, bullet or even star pattern into the bases of these glass door knobs. Although these glass door knobs became famous at the end of World War I, the coloured ones that had robin’s egg or cobalt, emerald, white milk among other colours were rare. Although the coloured ones were not so widespread, they too came into different shapes such as octagonal, oval, crystal globes among other shapes and in the midst had tiny bubbles within.

Classical solid glass door knobs

Buck the Herd – Install a Glass Door Knob

In any and almost every situation, one could find additional sparkle knobs to add to their interior decorations. As time went by glass door knobs slowly became less common and the trend returned to metal door knob parts, this was so in order for them to go along with lustrous, industrial  interior, however although the shift may have taken place from glass to metal, the glass knobs remain superior to all other door knobs.

If you have children and happen to be desirous of using door knobs made of glass it would be more suitable if you use them on doors that are not regularly used, as this would make sure that the knobs last longer.

9 Photos of the Glass Door Knobs – As Valuable As diamonds!

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