Glass Door Knobs – Re-Invent your Home!

Merlin Glass Door Knobs Cupboard Knobs

Glass Door Knobs – Re-Invent your Home!

Why you need to use Glass Door Knobs!

Are your doors looking a bit dull these days?

Well, you might be surprised to find that giving your doors that extra boost in the appeal department is easy as installing some glass door knobs! In the early days,door knobs that were made from glass were pretty standard. However, as the years progressed various door knobs were introduced and the glass knobs were left to be discovered in garage sales, and antique shops.

Merlin Glass Door Knobs Cupboard Knobs

Fortunately, modern designers these days are reviving the classic beauty of door knobs that are made of glass and are re-introducing them into modern homes.

How to Beautify your home with Glass Door Knobs

Everyone knows that revamping the look of the home can add more value to the property. But it’s not just about buying new furniture or major renovations that increase the value of your home. It is also about paying attention to the smallest of details. If you find that your door knob parts are looking a bit tired, rusty or broken, it is a simple task to replace them with.

Today you can purchase all types of glass door knobs including;

Before You Purchase Glass Door Knobs
  • Clear Glass
  • Coloured Glass
  • Designer Glass
  • Patterned finish

Price Comparison of Glass Door Knobs

A Great place to find some fantastic bargains is to head on over to They have a great variety of door knobs to choose from including;

Finding glass door knobs in your local hardware store may prove to be tricky because they have yet to make a comeback. Fortunately, there are various online stores that specialize in door knobs made from glass that you can contact.

If you want something else to grace your door, crystal door knobs may just be what you are looking for.

Considerations Before You Purchase Glass Door Knobs

When you shop for one, see to it that you bring your existing door knob to ensure they are compatible. This is one of the common mistakes that homeowners make when looking for glass door knobs. Keep in mind that door knobs come in different sizes that is why if you are not sure about your door knob’s size, it is best that you bring it along with you.

Beautifying your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to renovate the whole house. In fact, changing the smallest detail in your home can actually make your house appear different.

  • Door knobs can have a big impact to your door whether it is your main door or the doors to your rooms. Choosing glass door knobs may just be what your doors are missing to give them a more interesting look.
  • The beauty of door knobs made from glass is that they are easy to maintain and they can also last you for a long time with proper handling.
  • Choosing glass door knobs to replace your old ones is sure to add more impact to your home.

5 Photos of the Glass Door Knobs – Re-Invent your Home!

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