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Oil rubbed bronze door knobs Features

The oil rubbed bronze vintage door knobs are quite popular these days as they have a lot of versatility in terms of the finish and go well with the modern décor.  These are those enchanting door knobs whose finish are contemporary charcoal gray.   However the oil rubbed bronze door knobs available in the market vary from black or charcoal to a golden brown or a subtle gray later on as the oils in your hands or the moisture from the faucet will set off the change.

These knobs come without the lacquer coating. These knobs are very much preferred these days as they stand out and are very different from the other novas present in the market. These knobs are best suited for bathroom or kitchen hardware, though many prefer to have them all over the house.

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Advantages of the oil rubbed bronze knobs:

  • These knobs are known for changing color and hence can be very easily  incorporated in any setting. They blend in perfectly with the interior design of your house and enhance every setting. The varying texture of these knobs gives the hardware a classy, rustic and elegant outlook.
  • These knobs as mentioned earlier come without the lacquer coating and hence are very easy to clean.
  • The knobs have a coating that is without the lacquer and hence itseems to be changing and aging along with your house. Therefore they never look out of place or demand replacement because they are not fitting in. Once installed they will always complement the interior of your house.

Maintenance Tips:

Oxidization is inevitable:  These knobs have a tendency to undergo oxidization and develop a patina, over a period of time. There’s no use trying to scrub it away, as it will spoil the finish further.

Keep It Clean and Dry :  It not only gets affected by water but a lot of other things, hence to keep it in good shape, you need to keep the oil rubbed bronze door knobs clean and dry. It’s best to wipe off the liquid and rub lightly with a soft cloth. Water spots are the worst and hence one has to clean it immediately.

Protect the surface: You can clean these door knobs with chamois moistened with mineral oil. It may be worthwhile to even wax the surface with furniture wax, once in every couple of months. Rub gently, avoid buffing the surface.

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