Your Patio Storm Doors – Magnificent Safe and Secure!

Hurricane Patio Doors
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The Most Beautiful Patio Storm Doors in the World! The designsbyskb focuses with intensity on your Patio Outside Area. At the WinDoorStore we have learned over many years that when the Rest of the Home to include the Patio looks Magnificent, our Clients become so overjoyed and grateful that everyone in the Neighborhood calls us! We are not Boasting or filled with ego, it is simply factual. We provide you with a “Outstanding Design Concept” […]

Hurricane Storm Shutters Your First Line of Defense

Hurricane Storm Shutters Your First Line of Defense
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Security Enhanced Hurricane Shutter Protection! One of the advantages of Hurricane Storm Shutters is that not only is the Home Locked Down, but the appearance of the Home is protected as well with your Hurricane Shutters Activated. Our Remote Controlled Hurricane Shutters “OPEN and CLOSE” with a Click of a Button for you! After a Hurricane Storm Shutters are a deterrent against Home Burglary. Many people evacuate before a Hurricane hits land where they live. […]

The Most Beautiful Hurricane Storm Doors

Hurricane Storm Doors florida
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The Most Beautiful Hurricane Storm Doors in the World! In Florida we are grateful that Hurricanes do not knock on our door every day. A Hurricane is a Natural Disaster that happens every so often, but when a “Hurricane Knocks on your Door”, it’s best to keep your Door Shut. That’s what our Hurricane Storm Doors do for you. Keep the Door Shut! Because you look and or use your Doors every day, the Designsbyskb […]

Garage Storm Doors Protection

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Garage door storm protection Your Motor Vehicals! During a Hurricane the last thing you are thinking about is driving in the middle of a Tremendous Storm. After the Hurricane is over, you will need to drive your Automotive Vehicle. Regardless if you are insured, if your Vehicle(s) have suffered Storm Damages you will not be able to drive. In addition Hurricane other items in your Garage that you may store for safe keeping as well. These […]

Get Your Hurricane Garage Doors On-line

Hurricane Garage Door proof securedoor
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Hurricane Storm Garage Doors that are Beautiful Having a Hurricane Garage Door is one thing. Having a Custom Hand Crafted Magnificent and Beautiful Hurricane Garage Door is another thing all together. The WinDoorStore specializes in Creating Fabulous Works of Art that enhance the Beauty of your Home. Safe – Secure – Magnificent! The Designsbyskb receives a large majority of our Work Orders (jobs) by referrals from Satisfied Clients. This is the Greatest Compliment any one […]

Natural Baby Shower Favors

favors baby showers
baby shower favors | baby shower favor bags | eco-friendly baby shower ...GIRL BABY SHOWER Favors : Organic Sugar Scrubs Set of 15. Sugar and ...Baby Shower Favors-Baby Shower Favor Bags-Natural Cotton Calico/Ribbon ...favors baby showers

Are you worried of how to make your baby shower an eco – friendly party keeping everything from decorations to favors all natural? The first step is to inform your guests through your invitations that the theme of your baby shower is eco-friendly so that they would not bring gifts that are not organic. This is a great opportunity to spread the awareness of being green. Decorations and menu can easily be selected for a […]

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