Secure and environmental friendly house at the same time is that possible?

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The specificity and the main secret of hardwood front doors popularity is its marvelous style, unique quality and extraordinary durability. It’s surprisingly good how modern woodcarvers could have reached such fine technique. If you don’t know yet, the best of front doors hardwood are still hand-made. Durability, wide selection of different colors and types of wood, no need of a special care, all of this is making solid hardwood front doors a leader in the market of modern door designs. Bigger choice in wood color and the process of creating a door is shown in pictures below.


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Of course a lot in choosing a type of front door is depending on your personal preferences. Some peoples that are sure in their own safety and the safety of their family are choosing hardwood front doors with glass, of course we understand all the advantages of such doors, its environmental friendliness, retention of heat inside the house, after all its nice appeal. But if you are choosing a front door that will also work as big safe lock for your house, the best way its solid hardwood front doors. Despite its obvious higher price in the line of front doors, doors made from solid piece of hardwood have one big advantage before any other doors – its, its massiveness. From school physics course we know that it’s harder to destroy a single, solid wall, than a wall made from different pieces. Yes dense hardwood doors is heavier and occupy more space, and doors with glass inserts are more loud in case somebody will break in. So basically its loud and easy looks hardwood front doors with glass versus big, heavy but very protective solid hardwood front doors. For more the most popular types of hardwood front doors and the ways to improve that into house interior go to our gallery below.

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