Secure Your House with Schlage Door Knobs

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Secure Your House with Schlage Door Knobs

If you are looking for the products which define the modern day homesecurity systems, Schlage door knobs and the security systems is for you. Since 1920 they have proved their worth time and again.

One can always find these easily and can be fitted without much fuss. However, these Schlage door knobs require adjustments and the resetting after some time.

Your House with Schlage Door Knobs

Adjustment of the Schlage Door Knobs

Door locks are in use everyday and hence a little maintenance towards the adjustment of the same would result in convenient usage, better mobility of the key. However, if these are left unattended , it might get you into trouble and you might get stuck and hence will require replacing the lock with the new ones demanding extra cost. Here are the simple steps for the adjustment :

  • Remove the lock, unbolt all the screws and apply lubricant to the lock to make it smooth.
  • Replace the screws with the new ones.
  • Ensure the trim plate and the screw make proper contact and are in perfect synchronization.

How to Reset the Door Lock

Schlage doors offer a perfect blend of technology and security systems. Most of the door locks offer the users a facility to key in their secret code for locking apart from the usual physical key. Individuals are likely to forget the codes and hence it becomes important to know the ways to reset the same. Here are some steps which will help:

  • Open the cover plate of the door lock by the screwdriver.
  • Remove the battery connection.
  • Press Schlage button and replace the battery. Once done re-press the Schlage button for around 5-8 seconds and you are done with the resetting.

The door lock is set to the industry settings and now one can put in your secret code for operations.

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Advantages of the Schlage Door Locks

When it comes to security of our belongings be it home or industrial we always look for a reputed and trusted product; here are some of the reasons which make the Schlage door locks the most preferred of the lot.

  • A wide variety of locks, designed in keeping the needs of the customers
  • State of the art security systems offering convenience and ease of use. The products can be customized and are unique.
  • These locks are affordable and easily available.
  • Key padlocks and the sensors are the types of the locks which offer the perfect blend of technology, style and security.

Simple but efficient, Schlage door lock offers the best  security that you can ever dream of.

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