Solid core interior doors and their types

solid core flush interior doors

The doors without a hollow core are referred to as solid core interior doors. These doors are used in homes, industries, offices and many other places. Due to the use of honeycomb cardboard, these doors are considered as less protective and secured as well. Therefore, people don’t prefer using them as an entrance door.

You’ll find them cheaper than other wooden doors due to their ordinary quality. There are two methods to manufacture solid core interior doors. It is not easy to manufacture these doors due to a bit complicated methods. The inside area of these doors are comprised of faces, crossband, edge interface, core and vertical edge. These doors don’t come with attractive designs but many people still prefer buying them due to their simple look.

solid core interior doors


Types of solid core interior doors:


There are different types of solid core interior doors. One of them is prehung solid core interior doors. These doors come with the combined characteristics of prehung and solid core doors. These are considered as heavier than solid core doors. Other type is Masonite solid core interior doors.

solid core interior door

These doors come with more attractive outer look as compared to simple solid core doors. Due to their design, many people prefer to install them in their homes. The third type is solid core flush interior doors. These doors are made from oak and birch. Therefore, you’ll find them expensive as compared to other two types of doors. There are little differences between types of solid core doors. You can select any of them according to your choice and convenience.

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