Solid wood front doors are good for a private house

solid wood front doors

Unlike apartments, private house requires not only good interior, but also a stylish outside look. If the repair of an apartment from the outside includes only selection and installation of doors, then for a private house you need to pick up the material from which the front door will be made and one of the best choices is wood front doors. They are durable, practical, classic and stylish. Selection process of a wooden door for a country house is complicated, as it must be suitable to all its architecture and reliably protect it from intruders. The front door should be aesthetic and not to spoil the look of the entire house. Solid wood doors look prestigious, luxury and can remarkably emphasize good taste of their owner.


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How wood front entry doors deal with whether issues?


The answer for this question is “good enough”. Wood front doors meet several requirements. First of all, they include a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation. Due to the fact that the front door of a private house is directly on the street and is exposed to the environment, it can cause numerous problems such as drafts, extraneous noise and seasonal variations in the size of the doors. You can avoid this problem by installing a door made of precious wood, and equipped with multi-loop sealing system.

It must be remembered that the entrance doors in a country house exposed to a completely different operating conditions than the doors in the apartment. Firstly, the entrance door to the cottage exposed to excess moisture from the street in the rain and subjected to drying during hot weather, so a door made of not precious wood quickly lose its appearance and can even change its geometric forms. That is why wood front doors should be made out of a solid wood.

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