Vintage Door Knobs

Antique door knobs

The Vintage Door Knobs Add A Victorian Elegance

Almost everyone wants their house interiors to look unique or class apart, with a personality of its own. However, there are a lot of people who still love and admire the vintage look and feel of their homes. Vintage hardware especially the vintage glass door knobs provide the right old age elegance to the home decor. These knobs are available in select stores and come in a variety of style and one can easily find the perfect door knob for their homes.

Types of Vintage Door Knobs

vintage glass door knobs
  • Representative Vintage Door Knobs – these generally don pictures of objects, people or animals like the sun, gladiator, lion etc.
  • Fold Vintage Door Knobs: These are special door knobs which are classified into different categories depending on the repetition pattern of the designs on them.

For example a three-fold knob has a single pattern repeated thrice, in a symmetrical pattern. Similarly five-fold knob will have a single pattern repeated five times on the knobs. There are majorly six types of fold knobs which range from two-fold to eight-fold knob.

Apart from this, there are several other door knobs like the Oval knobs, wooden knobs, Emblematic knobs, Porcelain knobs and many others, which can be found.

Ways to buy the Vintage Door Knobs

Antique door knobs

In the modern times online shopping is the answer to all your shopping. So if you are looking for the vintage glass door knobs here is what you are required to do to get the best results and quickest access to the products.

  • Log on to the online sites like the eBay and surf through the section offering vintage door knobs and handles.
  • If you are finding it difficult to go through all the sections searching for the desired product, then all you need to do is to key in the vintage door knobs in the search section on the home page and you will have the different choices in front of you.

Ways to Clean the Vintage Door Knobs

Antique door knobs are generally made of metal and in most of the cases brass which easily gets tarnished after sometime. These require regular maintenance to maintain their glory. Here are a few steps which can help:

  • Clean the doorknob with any household cleansing agent like detergent.
  • Use paint remover to get rid of the unwanted paint on the same.
  • Doorknobs made of brass should be soaked in the ammonia solution for some time, before they are cleaned with the help of a soft cloth. Rub them with the help of a brass or metal cleaner and repeat the process till you get the desired shining.

So, when you are looking  for the vintage door knobs, all you need is a little knowledge about them and clarity with regards to your requirement. You will find numerous choices and easy access to them.

8 Photos of the Vintage Door Knobs

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